experience and reputation
is our greatest value


The law firm provides support of your business projects and private interests in Ukraine and abroad.

In order to help you out with various and daily challenges, law firm offers assistance, both in terms of advisory service and litigations.

Legal support is offered on a regular basis, - in the form of subscription services, as well occasionally (once-off services).


The law firm was founded in 2018 by an international lawyer Oleh IVANCHENKO, practicing since 2005 (admitted to the Kiev Bar in 2009). During his work in successful, leading companies, in the field of trade and retail, commercial real estate and development, maritime carriage, transport and logistics, providing legal and audit services (as an in-house lawyer and associate), valuable and unique knowledges and skills were acquired along with a deep understanding of legal procedures and features of law application, as well as a precious experience in supporting the activities of legal entities, entrepreneurs and individuals.

The team of the law firm consists of experts and professionals with relevant practical experience in various fields of private and public law, as well as audit.


Law firm provides support of the company’s activities, including national and international transactions, agreements, legal due diligence, advisory and prepares the legal opinions, to residents and non-residents on the implementation of business projects and out-of-project (one-time) tasks;

Preparation and analysis of legal documentation (regulations, contracts, etc.);

Representation and protection of the Client’s interests in various relations, including litigation.

The keystones to the success of services are the profound analysis of the judicial practice and legislation in different areas of private and public law, national and international legislation, as well as the assessment of the risks of our Clients.


Working both within the framework of the Ukrainian and the international legislation, law firm provides legal services in the fields of:

commercial legal relations (including corporate law)

civil law (including labour, family, inheritance law)


The primary advantage of working with us is the transparency of the relations with the Clients that we ensure, our accurate understanding of the legal processes and the subtleties of law application, which allows the Clients to get high quality and professional legal services in most of the areas of business activity, in compliance with the international standards of legal practice, corporate and professional ethics.