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The Law firm can assist you in supporting and analysing the delivery of goods by sea transport, and ship owners - in the circumstances related to the legal status of ships, the legality of the requirements of authorities; activities in the water area of seaports and the use of port infrastructure, in particular:

  • Consultations on maritime trade law (rights of shipowners, charterers, port administration, consignor, consignee, legal status of ships, cargo, crew, etc.)
  • Analysis and preparation of maritime transport contracts, freight, charter agreements, including on proforms (GENCON, CONGENBILL, BALTIME, etc.)
  • Agreements with seafarers (rights of seafarers and shipowners)
  • Agreements of logistics services, cargo transshipment
  • Disputes related to port charges, ship arrest, compliance with requirements and terms of contracts
  • Vessel sale and purchase, registration
  • other